We’ll Meet Again

We’ll Meet Again (2020)

We only notice changes when they are significant, but we live in a world of constant change. Even food that looks ‘fresh’ is in the process of decay.

A rotting thing is teeming with life. When things decompose, they are broken down and recycled into the ecosystem. The universe recycles. The atoms within us have already been a myriad of different things. We have been mountains and rivers. After we are gone, we will go on to be a myriad of new things.

Humans have always sought for immortality – but in fact, we might be the body cells of eternal life, which are allowed to exist until we become rusty and finally start being replaced.


腐った食べ物や死んだ動物は、ある意味で 生命のエネルギーに満ちている。分解された個体から解き放たれた原子は生態系の中で再利用され、新しい生命の材料となる。 今私たちの身体を構成している原子はかつて山やリンゴ、また他の生き物の一部だったかもしれない。私たちが死ぬと原子は再び自由になり、何億年もの間さまざまなものに姿を変えて存在し続ける。