Odd Recipes

Odd Recipes (2020)       

Kassel Dummy Award 2020 shortlisted 

Through extensive research in ethnic food stores in London, from the Afro-Caribbean market to the Bangladeshi wholesale store, Odd Recipes recreates a series of traditional recipes from different countries, turning undesirable-looking foodstuffs into delicious meals. The recipes are based on the dialogue between the artist and the store owners, utilising their serving ideas and suggestions, cooked by the artist herself. 

The dishes introduced in this book reflect the country’s long tradition of welcoming immigrants from corners of the former British Empire to cover severe labour shortages after World War Ⅱ. A large number of people from African-Caribbean and South Asian countries immigrated to the UK encouraged by British government campaigns.

The project signifies the city’s vast cultural diversity through food, as well as the history of immigration to the UK.

イギリスは第二次世界大戦後、労働力を補うため元大英帝国植民地から多くの移民を受け入れてきた。その歴史を反映するアフロ・カリビアンマーケットや バングラデシュ専門店などを巡りロンドンの大手スーパーでは見かけない食材を入手し、店主や買い物客との交流を通して手に入れたレシピを基に料理本を作成した。