These figurines of the Virgin Mary were mass-produced in China. CCP considers Christianity a threat to the authority, and it has been intensifying Christian persecution in recent years.

How can we understand the ambivalence of the modern world where Christian goods are manufactured solely for a profit without any religious sentiment in a socialist state?

In ‘The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism’, Max Weber states that our obsession with material wealth could become “an iron cage” when the pursuit of wealth becomes the primary reason for economic activities, stripped of its religious and ethical meaning.

The project delves into the commercialization of Christianity in late capitalism. Max Weber located the origin of capitalism in Christianity (Protestantism).

However, the religion is declining as science provides tools to understand and shape the world. Perhaps supernatural answers to the big questions are no longer felt to be needed.

Instead, the invisible hand of the market economy almost seems like a supernatural entity. 

The artist returned the faulty figurine to the seller. However, it came back because neither the address nor the recipient exists. It turned out that the seller provided a fake address, and they disappeared from Amazon.