Artist Statement

My practice aims to cast a spotlight on the oddities of everyday life. I see man-made objects as unintentional sculptures, and I aim to contemplate the human mind that has led to shaping the subjects by pairing photography and text. I am especially passionate about objects that reflect the emotional behavior of humans. My subjects vary from the paper offerings for the deceased used in Vietnamese folk religion highlighting our obsession with consumerism, to cooked or processed food shaped by cultural diversity as well as the necessity for survival. 

In the process of investigating my subjects, I have started questioning our minds. What are our thoughts, memories, and their relationship with bodily existence? Where do we come from, and go in the end? With these questions in mind, I have dived into exploring the fields of philosophy and religion as well as science with a focus on quantum physics and astronomy. Therefore, research and writing increased their importance in my work. I see visual arts are a toolbox I use to investigate what intrigues me, and the resulting work is a record of my discovery. As an artist, I hope what tugs me into a project will also be the things that the audience takes away from it. 

My photography attempts to seduce a broad audience by featuring the subjects’ naturally quirky appearance. They encourage viewers to step in close to read the text, and then step back to look again, more closely and with a more informed eye. Placed on plain backgrounds and extracted from their original context, the subjects escape their conventional associations.