Odd Recipes 

Through extensive research in food stores in London, from the Afro-Caribbean market to the Bangladeshi wholesale store, Takemura creates a cookery book of authentic but unseen meals.

The recipes are based on the dialogue between the artist and the store owners, utilizing their serving ideas and suggestions, cooked by the artist herself.

The project aims to highlight London’s vast cultural diversity through food, as well as question our judgement on cultural norms different from our own.

Those of us who have not grown up eating cow brains or goat heads might find them off-putting. But who are we to judge food norms in other cultures? The dominant western cultures often prejudge a food that is not of their culture. Food is a sensitive cultural domain that retains a vivid memory of one’s identity, and decisions about food choices are relative. It’s a matter of cultural contexts and habits.

These dishes serve as a provocation to mindful eating – they help us to consider what we do eat, what we don’t, and why.


第二次世界大戦中に失われた労働力を補うため、元植民地から多くの移民を受け入れてきたイギリス。その歴史を反映するロンドンのアフロ・カリビアンマーケットや バングラデシュ食材店を巡ってそれぞれの文化独特の珍しい食材を購入し、店員に調理法を聞きながら、彼らの郷土料理を作った。その工程を料理本の形にまとめたプロジェクト。多民族都市として発展するロンドンの多文化性とそれを担う人々のアイデンティティーについて、食文化を通して考察する。