NEW JAPAN PHOTO 7 — Luxury beyond Death on show
23 Jan – 23 Feb 2019, CHI-KA (Dubai, UAE)



JAPAN PHOTO AWARD 2018 Winner — Luxury beyond Death series
selecting judge: Emilia Van Lynden / Unseen Amsterdam

” … Takemura gives us a simple yet insightful look into a prominent ritual surrounding death in Vietnam. A compelling reflection upon modern day consumerism, Luxury Beyond Death highlights how relatives burn paper offerings at the graves of the deceased with the belief that they will need the same luxury items that they had when they were still living. The project highlights our obsession with consumerism whilst simultaneously raising questions about what awaits us in the afterlife. “

— Emilia van Lynden (Unseen Artistic Director) 

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Libération : Canned Feature & Interview

“… Pour moi, [ces contenus de boîte] ont vraiment l’air sinistre, mais en même temps ils sont beaux, on dirait des sculptures créées par accident. Ils incarnent la domination de la nature par l’homme je crois.”

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i-D Japan : Cabinet of Life Artist Interview

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2018 Sony World Photography Awards
Cabinet of Life presented at Somerset House (London, UK), 20 Apr – 6 May 2018

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IGNANT:  Canned feature

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FUET Magazine: Odd Recipe Feature & Interview

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VICE Mexico: Artist Interview

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I/O Gazette: Cabinet of Life   Issue #75 Cover Image

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PhilosophyUnbound Berlin: Exhibition & Artist talk
19 Apr 2018, Berliner Ringtheater (Berlin, Germany)

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