Artist Statement

My work is best described as visual storytelling, between literature and documentation. I work as a discoverer and investigator of hidden truths in everyday objects
using photography, text and installations.

The starting point of my research-based projects are mysterious, yet often overlooked behaviour of the commonplace, including the human body and consciousness.
My curiosity has developed within the metaphysical understanding of the world by a Japanese philosopher Akiko Ikeda’s literature. Through associative thought process often referencing science, spiritual and cultural traditions, my works connect metaphysical dimension to laws operating in ordinary subjects which form basic concepts of the world.

The struggle to investigate a quintessence of the cycle of life and death in an enigma of existence is central to my recent practice. My projects ’Luxury beyond Death’ and ‘Recyclables‘ aim to propose an alternative understanding of fundamental human
experiences such as death and transience from an elevated perspective.

‘Luxury beyond Death’ is a photographic series which portrays paper offerings sourced from Vietnamese street markets and burnt by myself. In Vietnam, relatives burn paper effigies at the graves of the deceased with the belief that they will need the same luxury items that they had when they were still living. The project highlights our obsession with consumerism while simultaneously raising questions about what awaits us in the afterlife.

My photography attempts to seduce a broad audience using the subjects’ naturally grotesque and elaborate forms. Images contain multiple truths, and their accompanying texts attempt to lead to disorientation. Extracted from their original context and placed on plain backgrounds, the subjects escape their conventional associations, to challenge a viewer’s perceptions and perspectives.

My body of work is ultimately a set of clues encouraging viewers to make their own associations and invent their own narrative in order to expand reality and to unravel the complexities staged by the universe.




在作品中她探讨并展现了关于生命与死亡的循环与存在的秘义。比如系列作品“超越死亡的奢华”和 “可回收物品”旨在对人类的日常经历提出另一种理解,例如死亡 有或者换个角度来看事物的变化。