Cabinet of Life


Cabinet of Life (2017)

A photography project that approaches the issue of whether or not the soul exists.
These fish wander between the boundary of animate and inanimate. The fish tank is a life-sustaining device but it could also be a cabinet of death.

“Cogito ergo sum” (I think, therefore I am) is a well-known phrase by René Descartes. According to the philosopher, it is impossible to know whether a spirit dwells in others. In fact, all we do is to assume that they are beings with minds. Science can uncover only half of the picture of the soul or consciousness.

Four billion years ago, the Earth was a lifeless place. Nothing struggled, thought, or wanted. Looking at the universe, you will see the majority of the space we explore is lifeless. This tells us that the natural state of life is death, and being alive is itself an exemption.

So where does this miraculous state of life come from? And can they survive the death of the body?


Concept /Artwork Kyoko Takemura
Photography Nick Dunne